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Just For You

How do you reach a wider audience or market? How can you scale your words and efforts? The doorway to bigger impact opens with an audience of one, and this week’s video is just for you.



Often I hear comments from friends and viewers of these weekly videos who say, “I feel like you wrote that just for me.” If that’s ever your experience, I’ll let you in on a secret… I did.
My most enduring thoughts and ideas are motivated by specific people in my life, situations I’m aware of, or circumstances I’m going through at the moment. These weekly commitments to elevated ideas are essentially encouraging love letters to the people in my life I care about, including you, and me.
When something hits the mark and is deeply true for one, chances are it is also deeply true for others. We feel isolated in the exactness of our life situation when in fact we are connected in the experience of living different versions of the same challenges.
This is also, I think, the pathway to greater innovation and success. If you create an idea or offering, a product or service that’s desperately needed by someone you know and care about, there is a strong possibility it is also of value to many others. Specificity gives it truth, and usefulness brings a broader market.
“Helping the world” is a noble idea, but it’s abstract and non-specific. When you help one person you know and care about, you plug into a powerful force. Your words and actions, infused with love and intention, will extend in unknowable ways to reach and serve others. By addressing an audience of one you do, in fact, help the world.
Who can you help today? Give a gift, share a conversation. See an opportunity to encourage someone. And when you do, notice three powerful results – how it changes them, how it changes you, and how it changes others. And please, let me know what you’re struggling with and how I can help. This is, after all, just for you. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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