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Leg Day

If you want to remain active for many years, enjoying mobility and a highly functioning brain, find some way to make every day a “leg day.” This weeks’ video will inspire you to get up, get moving, and stretch your mind and body.



Today I have an important health tip for you. If you want to stay active, improve your balance and brain, and lessen pain, please remember every day is leg day.

A critical key to health and active longevity resides in your legs. Your legs are your foundation, providing stability, mobility, and balance. Using your legs daily improves strength and circulation, which is enormously important. Not only that, leg exercise signals your brain to engage in neurogenesis, or the production of new neurons.

A very good friend of mine is paralyzed and can’t use his legs as we do. Yet still, for him, every day is leg day. He spends hours daily stretching to improve circulation and prevent the onset of blood clots, which can take any one of us out, quickly. Signs of poor circulation include tingling, numbness, pain, swelling, and the discoloration of your nails. It’s also heavily influenced by smoking and obesity.

In terms of exercise, start with a daily walk. Get in your steps, with a bit of pace and purpose. And, take the stairs, jump rope, ride, run, or strength train. Leg muscles recover more quickly than others, so you may choose to really get after it, and build a strong, solid base of stability.

Also, stretch. Improve mobility and remove potential circulation blocks by incorporating stretching into your life. Break up long periods of sitting with stretching, standing, and walking work, while you’re thinking, talking, or being creative.

So, make today and every day “leg day,” and you’ll greatly improve your long term health. You’ll also gain energy, confidence and momentum you can use to tackle other ambitions of health and achievement. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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