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Letting Go

While in Orlando this week for a speaking engagement, Dan took a fun diversion to fly with professional trapeze artists. Watch this short video to join the adventure and learn the art of letting go!

  • April Fabien says:

    Great advice. With rapidly changing technologies you have to be ready to “let go” of what you’ve always done and learn to embrace new ideas. However, I did not appreciate the teaser of seeing your foray into “letting go”. When do we get to see the results of your trapeze training? 🙂

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Ha! You’re right, April. I spent more time on this particular day as camera man than I did in the air. Plus, my own skills are quite modest in comparison to the featured talent. However, I will definitely make a point of showing more of my progress in future videos. Do date, I’ve learned a layout backflip to a catch. That’s pretty good for an amateur like me, and soooooo much fun!

  • Terry Hampton says:

    Thank you Dan Thurmon! You are a true inspiration. Met you and your beautiful wife in Ashville last year at the Realtor convention. Enjoyed the presentation so much. Stepping out of the RE market for a bit to write my dissertation, so this short video made my day, and was a great motivator to stay “off balance” and keep on keeping on! My husband loves to tell me as he is leaving on a trip…”don’t forget to brush your teeth” as he knows how deep into a box one can climb while deep in thought.
    Once again, thanks for your Vimeo and best wishes always,
    Terry Hampton, Realtor, Teacher, Student, Spouse, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, and Explorer!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      My wife, Shay, and I remember that event very well! Love Asheville and the beautiful Grove Park Inn. Thanks for keeping in touch with me, Terry. I’m so gratified to know that my work continues to fuel your life ambitions. To be continued!

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