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Leverage your Past

How is it that some people can step so confidently into new situations, while others are paralyzed by uncertainty? The answer to this question, and the key to your future success can be found where you probably aren’t looking… in your past.

  • Ed Schrier says:

    Thanks Dan for this reminder!

  • Marvin Miller says:

    Dan —

    Excellent, as always. I even replayed it for a second listen after a few hours to hear it again “freshly.” I’m wondering, if by extension, one can take advantage of another’s experiences and their similar experiences. Perhaps, this is more critical when you are younger and have fewer of your own experiences, but even today with decades of experience, I find it intriguing to have a conversation with our industry’s elders, because I always learn something that helps me put things into perspective.

    Thanks again for doing these. They are valuable!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Marvin, you’re right on with your thinking. We can definitely perform a very similar evaluation by “trying on” another’s experience and essentially skipping (or at least, shortening) the learning curve. Cavett Roberts, founder of the National Speakers Association was known for this concept of learning from OPE – Other People’s Experience. Maybe that’s a future video we will do, paying tribute to this incredible man.

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