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Life 2.1

As the world comes back online this year, how can you “upgrade” your life operating system? This week’s video will help you recapture the familiar without losing the gifts of what we’ve been through.



As the world comes back online this year, how do we recapture the familiar without losing the lessons and gifts of the journey we’ve been through. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, in Tempe, Arizona.
Traveling this week, the airports were packed with masked travelers, eager for adventure and action. With the dawn of Spring, the distribution of vaccines, and a true shift in physical and mental well being, 2021 promises to be an exciting year of burgeoning life. Let’s engage it with care and intention, committed to three driving principles.
1. Appreciation.  As familiar activities and opportunities return to us, let’s resolve to never again take them for granted. See the beauty around you, the enormous miracles, and the enormity of the little things you treasure. Our clients and audiences over the past year, repeatedly claimed appreciation and gratitude among their greatest gifts received. Let’s keep it that way, and continue to view our lives through the powerful lens of appreciation.
2. Participation. We may have grown accustomed to holding back, staying in, and spectating life. Inertia has made it hard in some ways to do the things that used to come easily. But life isn’t about watching, commentating, and insulating. It’s about doing, creating, and connecting. Show up. Get involved. Play. Explore. Raise your hand to help someone, and you’ll be helping yourself.
3. Celebration. Celebration takes appreciation to the next level. An outward expression of moments that matter. And while this year has brought tragic losses to so many including loved ones, jobs, businesses, and momentum, it will always present moments to celebrate. Celebrate lives lived, projects completed, endings and beginnings. Celebrate those you love, and show up for the big moments in their lives.
Life 2.1, your upgraded operating system upon COVID reboot, can be better than ever. You’ll have new capabilities, for sure, because we ‘re always stronger when tested. You’re smarter too, with new understanding and valuable experience. But this version of life isn’t about just running faster. Perhaps its greatest feature is the ability to slow down in the midst of activity and capture cherished moments. Appreciate, participate, and celebrate, and you’ll be Off Balance On Purpose.


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