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Lifetime Value of Decisions

Are you faced with a choice right now? Are you judging yourself or your circumstances? This week’s video will help you find clarity and maximize the long term value of your decisions.



Do you realize the true value or cost of your decisions and judgements? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Nashville, TN.
Simple decisions aren’t always that simple. Because life presents recurring patterns, today’s choices become tomorrow’s precedents. The way you view yourself and engage with your world dramatically impacts your future options. Not to freak you out or anything, but consider the lifetime value, or cost, of your decisions.
Starting with value. What’s a decision worth? What can one choice potentially bring into your life? Do you choose challenging opportunities? Fun experiences? Deep conversations? Healthy activities?  Well, consider the lifetime value for your relationships, skills, and health. Not to mention your sense of appreciation, and state of mind?
Or, consider the cost. Decisions can carry a cost, a ripple effect of consequence. Are you limiting your future options or your own self worth through careless words and actions? How you frame your circumstances and position yourself – in strength or weakness, as learner or victim – becomes a reference point for all future judgements.
When facing a choice, think of it two ways. What’s the immediate consequence? And what’s the long term implication? Imagine this decision ,or judgement, becoming a bigger, more valuable, similar scenario? Are you increasing that likelihood and your future state of preparation?
Looking back from your future, will you be grateful and proud of your choices? Each new crossroads enabled by the last decision. Or will you regret the paths you declined, or disabled, because you deemed yourself unworthy? Change the context of your choices. Take the long view, and set yourself up for future fulfillment. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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