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      Listen Louder

      When the noise of the world becomes deafening, you may need to adjust your approach to listening. This week’s video from Athens, Greece will help you “listen louder” for inspirations, needs, and opportunities.



      Do you want to get inspired, find opportunity, or contribute in a more meaningful way? The answer may not be in what you do or say, so much as how you listen.

      Today’s my last day in Athens, Greece. Headed home tomorrow, but I first wanted to encourage you to try a simple technique to amplify your experiences and connections. Listen louder.

      The world is loud, often obnoxiously so, and the tendency can be to tune it out or, at least, quiet it down. I am so guilty of this. Perhaps we could both benefit from turning up our sensitivity to our environment and the people around us, listening beyond the obvious to hear the subtle, or even unspoken.

      Listening louder requires a stillness of mind, a focus outside yourself, and a presumption that there is something deeply relevant if you can just manage to hear it. Here are some examples.

      Listen to your customers. They will tell you what they value, what they need, and what they would happily buy from you if you supply it.

      Listen to your loved ones. They may be trying to express something far deeper than what they’re saying.

      Listen to your friends, especially those who have gone silent. That sometimes means they’re in a lonely or difficult place and don’t quite know how to ask for help.

      And listen to yourself. Create the quiet space for your thoughts to settle and your true longings and inspirations to present themselves.

      When your listening reveals an insight, capture it. Ask about it. Then listen some more. You’ll be amazed at how intriguing and smart you’ll become once you learn to listen louder. Until next week, Stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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