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Lives and Lenses

You may think you know someone’s view, or perspective… but do you really? This week’s video will help you connect with those who see things differently, and make real breakthroughs of understanding.



In order to truly understand a person, capture an idea, or gain a helpful perspective, you may need to try on a different lens. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and refocusing.

If we were both photographers, capturing the same subject from different angles, with different cameras, we would naturally take very different pictures. If I wanted to understand what you see, I might ask you, or even better, look at your pictures.  But even then, what I would get is your personal, artistic interpretation and the exact moment you chose to snap.

To really comprehend, I must look through your lens. And even then, I’d see something different, my own eye capturing your view in a deeply personal way. Perspective is subjective by its very nature. We all have our lenses, formed by many factors: Life experience. Parents.  Mentors. Teachers. Trials. Triumphs. Loves and losses. Your lens is unique. Just as no one else can think your thoughts, no one else can see exactly what you do.

Take the color green for example. Color is light frequency, a reflection of the visible spectrum. We can both agree it’s green, and share in its enjoyment, but there is no way I can know that my version of green is the same as yours.

It seems to me that our desire to safeguard our lenses, our pictures, and our realities, as the only valid versions perpetuates division and judgement. This only increases confusion, intolerance, and ignorance, and inhibits real growth.

All I have for you is love, and a desire for your joy and greatness – which I will celebrate, because you are uniquely YOU, and also a part of me. I may see it differently. Cool! In order to truly understand you, I need to know more about you. Can I borrow your lens? Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Tak kurtz says:

    Haha I know for certain my green is not the same as my color blind father…who is famous for his colors in animation…who knows what the pink panther is in his eyes… and he’s famous for that character ! Haha

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