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      Major Goals and Major Moments

      Do you have the right goal right now? Are you connecting to the passions of those you care about? This week’s video provides a “goal check” to help you access hidden strength, deeper relationships, and incredible moments!



      Are you showing up for the goals in your life and the ambitions of those you care about? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Danville, VA.

      Shay and I are in Danville to watch our son, Eddie, perform at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival and accomplish a big goal – playing the main stage, in the company of some of his favorite bands.
      Having goals is so important, and not for the reason you may think. It’s less about the actual achievement, and more about the thought, and effort, that accomplishing goals requires. Goals focus you, push you, and hold you accountable. In the pursuit of the dream, you’ll realize you have more strength and stamina than you thought. You’ll hone important disciplines and get better, because, well, that’s what’s needed.
      In just a couple hours, Eddie and his band, called Major Moment, will be loading out, setting up, and getting ready to channel all of their previous effort into a fantastic performance. It’ll be great! Yet today is a celebration of the real “wins” – all the rehearsals, recordings, technical and physical preparation, and previous shows that led up to this one. And our goal was to show up, to support, and bear witness to what happens!
      Life goes by fast, whether you have goals and go after your dreams, or not. However, if have goals and dreams, the life that goes by will have greater purpose, teaches more valuable lessons, and transforms your talents and abilities.  And for those you love and care about, when you invest yourself in their ambitions, you connect more deeply. So, express an interest in their passions and pursuits, and whenever possible, show up.
      Do you have an exciting goal right now pulling you forward and driving intentional growth? What is it? Or what would it be if you did? Engage the power of a major goal, and encourage the goals and dreams of those you care about, showing up at their major moments to cheer. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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