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Making Adjustments

Balancing Your Life – Part 3

Dan Thurmon teaches life balance lessons while walking a 10 foot tall slack rope

Please watch the Video Presentation of this message by clicking the play button below. To watch full screen in High Definition, click the arrows in the bottom right corner, and choose 720 or 1080p. Transcript of the video follows.

Video Transcript:

The third key about balance I want to teach you today is this: Realize that you can’t make it all the way across the rope in one step. It will take many steps. It will take time. And – here’s the key – it will take many adjustments along the way. You must make adjustments about how you approach your challenge, about what you are thinking, and what you are doing.

Make Adjustments to:

  • Strategies
  • Ideas
  • Actions

The key is that you make those adjustments confidently and consciously.


Many times in life we find ourselves off course, and the tendency is to over-correct – to make a huge adjustment in the opposite direction – which may just send you off balance in a new direction, and then you’ll have to react to that situation too! It’s about making small adjustments, controlled corrections along the way, which you can do.

[Dan stands up and begins to walk the slack rope]

You can do it, if you have the proper focus and the presence of mind – a state of mind where you are managing your anxiety and stress – then you can recognize those adjustments before they become critical.

And notice, as I’m doing this, that I’m constantly making small adjustments with my free leg, with my arms and hands, and I’m taking a very deliberate approach to handling those adjustments as they are required.

These principles and keys will enable you to chart your course and, ultimately, arrive at your destination. [Dan reaches the other end of the rope.]

So remember, by managing your focus, your state of mind, and your adjustments along the way, you will be capable of handling life’s daunting challenges [Dan juggles three flaming torches atop the rope] with great success.

Stay Off Balance … On Purpose.

  • Loved it as usual…Great message!

  • Tim H. says:


    Super message yet again! These updates come at just the right intervals. I know it said it was your final video on this subject, so I’m excite to see what is coming next. Can’t wait! Keep up the great work.


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