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Making Breakthroughs

How do you push through difficult moments? Do you recognize and accept the opportunities you have to truly make a breakthrough?

This week, at The Breakthrough Experience, I had the honor of leading eight great people through the process of clarifying their purpose, connecting their passions, setting bigger goals, and transcending the limitations that have been holding them back. Here are just a few highlights.

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  • Kurtz Tak says:

    Looked fun…I’m guessing to myself what the juggling torches were for… human menorah? Ha. Just joking.

  • Joe Khayat says:

    Good Morning, I would be interested in joining the next breakthrough experience.

    Thank you

  • Owen Skinner says:

    By far the best individual and group challenge experience I have been through! Great mixture of Dan’s philosophies, physical challenge and real world application. I’ll be unpacking the leadership and life skills I learned for years to come! Thank you, Dan, for investing so much of your energies into our time together!

  • I would be interested in learning more about this! For sure!

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