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Making it Happen

When inspiration wears off and distractions come on, how can you still make it happen? Great question from Abe, which we’ll answer from Tooele, Utah.



Have you ever been incredibly inspired? You get an idea or a clarity you know will change everything. You’re so motivated and set intentions! But it isn’t long before inspiration fades and life’s urgencies demand your attention. Your breakthrough breaks down, and you’re right back where you started.

Inspiration is exciting. In an instant you see the full picture realized. Except, it isn’t. That takes execution, which is slow, tedious, complex, and, at times, even boring. You get tired and lose momentum, or even desire.  So, consider this assortment of ways to increase the likelihood for follow through.

  1. Capture Inspiration. Feelings fade and inspired ideas are easily replaced by the next thoughts. Seize inspirations and ideas, and write them down in detail to make them more tangible, visible, and real.
  2. Commit Small. Instead of a full transformation, start learning and doing something small but significant and ongoing. Even five minutes a day, five days a week, can help you quickly evaluate if this is working, and for you.
  3. Create Space. Before you go bigger, decide what you’ll stop doing. Otherwise you’re just overloading an already full life.
  4. Get Hooked. Making a commitment or promise to someone else puts you on the hook. And when you value your reputation and word, sometimes you’ll do more for someone else than you will for yourself.
  5. Light the Fuse. If you are totally committed and know this needs to happen, there is some action you can take that will create irreversible consequences. And sometimes that’s what it takes to change the pattern for good.

Abe, thanks for the question. So thrilled you are inspired, and I hope this helps all of us keep making it happen. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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