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Meaning Matters

The “meaning of life” isn’t an unattainable question. It’s an answer you bring to your everyday circumstances. This week’s video provides three practical ways to enhance the meaning you experience and contribute.



Do you want to be more successful, influential, and fulfilled? Well, it’s less a question of what you do, and more a matter of meaning.

If you go through your life out of obligation or seeking external rewards, you will likely be less fulfilled than if pursuing purpose. This is nothing new, of course. From Victor Frankel’s powerful book, Man’s Search for Meaning, to the notion of finding your “Why?” we get the concept, but how do you do it, exactly? Here are three practical tips for increasing meaning, because it matters.

1. Mean what you say. Give greater attention to your words. Cut back on the fluff or sarcasm, and stop skirting the main thing about the main thing. You never know when any conversation may be your last opportunity to ask or say something to a particular person.

2. Bring meaning to the mundane. When you’re on “automatic,” doing ordinary tasks, you’d normally dismiss, give them meaning because they matter.

3. Sign your work. Instead of finishing something at the minimum, create a mark of distinction, an extra step or effort that leaves a meaningful impression.

Any activity, conversation, or objective can be enhanced with an injection of meaning. And it doesn’t have to be something deep, but an intention to help, or an attention to detail. Meaning matters because it immediately changes both the experience and the result of whatever you’re doing.

Aim to create more meaningful moments, and you’ll soon feel more meaning in your life. Your life truly matters, and I most definitely mean that. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose. 

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