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How attune are you to the momentum of your life? This week’s video will help you start build and maintain momentum to enjoy and accomplish ever-increasing excellence.




How do you get moving, make things happen, and sustain your progress over time? This week we’re in Orlando, maintaining momentum.
Momentum refers to a quantity of motion and the impetus gained by a moving object.  For us, momentum is the ability to move yourself and your initiatives forward. Motion creates the impetus to keep moving, and for this reason the momentum of my life, my body, and my business always has my attention, above even any particular goal.
 Overcoming inertia, the tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged, takes effort. And to start something or radically change course requires a specific sort of action. So, here are five tips to start, build, and sustain your personal momentum.
1. First Steps.  If you’re starting a journey, the length of the first stride is irrelevant. But the direction is extremely important. Deeply contemplate where and why you’re going, and when truly ready, commit with a small, decisive first step.
 2. Don’t Delay.  Wait too long after your first step, and you’re once again at rest, starting over. The first step requires another. And another after that.
 3. Find your Rhythm. Seek to discover a rhythm, a frequency of motion: creative habits, daily disciplines, regular appointments with yourself and others. Like the chugging of a train, the humming of a motor, or the ticking of a clock, momentum finds a rhythmic groove, which it’s up to you to maintain.
 4. Check your Course. Now that you are in motion, you can make adjustments to your heading. Do you like the results you’re getting, or do you need to make a slight turn? You can fine tune your direction and approach while maintaining momentum, rather than just slamming on the brakes.
 5. Constant Climb. Rather than worrying about life’s ups and downs, resolve that you are always on a slight, steady incline. You’re always adding a bit more effort than required, seeking higher elevation, and refining your approach and efficiency. With this mindset, you‘ll be able to take advantage of opportunities, and are already attune when the steep hills arrive.
 So when you feel stopped, remember you’re just one step away from purposeful motion. And when things feel easy, don’t take that for granted. Continue to add intentional, rhythmic energy to the force of your life, ever aware of your precious momentum. Until next week, start moving and keep moving, Off Balance On Purpose.


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