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MORE Paths to Success

Are your goals getting in the way of your success and fulfillment? This week’s video shows you how to use goals as launchpads for even better opportunities.



Are your goals preventing you from seeing better opportunities? Let’s talk about aspirations that are specifically uncertain.

When setting goals, you envision an outcome, down to the details. Set a deadline, and then learn and do all that’s required to get there. You stay disciplined and determined, wearing blinders to the distractions that could derail you. And if you’re focused and consistent long enough, then you eventually achieve what you envisioned!

I believe every person should know the joy and pride of realizing goals that stretch you. Yet, goals also have their limitations. What if, after all that effort, you realize that the goal doesn’t deliver what you thought it would, or if along the way you realize the cost just isn’t worth it? Would you call that failure?

I like aspirations that are both specific and uncertain. Your goal is motivated by a specific purpose, which you fully understand. Does your ambition deliver experience, or skill, or recognition? Are you out to achieve an ability, or leave a lasting legacy? Once you understand the motivation or underlying benefit of that goal, then you can turn your blinders into tinted windows.

If, on the way to your goal, something shows up peripherally that is so bright and vivid, and clearly congruent with the motivational intention underlying your goal, it cannot simply be ignored. What arrogance to think that in a prior moment of strategic planning, you came up with the one best answer to your satisfaction. No. There are multiple “right answers” to your ambitions.

Pursue your goals, and remain open to other examples of their underlying attraction. Leave room for updates and new additions, as there are many paths to success and happiness. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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