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Are you feeling maxed out, drained, or lacking the motivation to manage your workload (or life-load)? You may actually need to commit to something MORE. This week’s video will help you identify and embrace your next big move.



If you feel stagnant, stretched, or just plain exhausted, the solution may not be to simplify or do less. Actually, you may need to do something MORE.
Your time and other resources generally feel spent. Unceasing thought and external demands will fill any void you notice, if you let it. Your capacity to work, play, think, and create may seem maxed out. And sometimes, precisely at this moment, you need something MORE. A new challenge. A greater test. A next level pursuit.
You see, scarcity and abundance aren’t mutually exclusive. They exist simultaneously – next door neighbors on life street. And every day, you get to choose which door you will open. The scarcity door reveals a single, small, crowded room, with just enough light to see the limitations and demands in front of you. But open the MORE door, and you enter a space that is ever expanding, constantly changing, with unlimited, connected options in every direction. It’s bright, colorful, and a bit overwhelming, because you’re not sure where to start.
My family and I always have a lot going on. Pre-Covid, work centered around my speaking schedule. Now, in addition to live events, we’re also running a digital broadcasting studio, producing courses, and creating videos all the time. Plus, thanks to TikTok, my daughter and I have close to five million followers, with new opportunities and the freaky reality of getting regularly recognized in public.
It’s a lot. Clearly too much. So what’s our response? MORE. On July 7th, we’re launching a new podcast called Mags and Dad’s Wholesome Chaos, which my wife Shay and son, Eddie are producing weekly. How are we going to fit it all in? I don’t know, but we’re about to find out.
The more you do, the more you can do, as long as the “more” brings congruent meaning into your life. Extra, disconnected burdens will drain and exhaust you. But say yes to something big, daunting, and meaningful, and it will stretch you in ways you can’t predict. You’ll get better, faster, because you have to. The extraneous and unimportant slips away, because it must. People will get out of your way, or join you, because your clarity and purpose are undeniable. What is the MORE that you need in your life? More excitement, more challenge, more meaning, or a bigger, more purposeful test? Don’t wait for the right moment. Create it, by saying yes to your next MORE. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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