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Multiplied Attention

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What’s even more powerful than “undivided attention?” This week’s video teaches you how to multiply your presence for deeper connections, greater learning, and true appreciation for the moments of your life.



How can you be really present when there’s always more to do? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, with multiplied attention.
Did you know that when you place your attention on something or someone, you literally change it or them? And when you withhold your attention, you can destroy connections, diminish ideas, and miss so much of what’s happening.
We live in the age of distraction, with instant everything and a supercomputer in the palm of our hand. When we have free moments, we race to fill them with updates, games, or escapes into other peoples ideas, rather than our own.
This is an area, my wife and kids will tell you, I really need to work on. And yet being present, in the moment, is an essential part of my work and life mission! So rather than think of this as a constant battle to direct undivided attention, I thought, what could be  better than undivided? Multiplied!
Multiplied attention is when you simultaneously channel three types of attention into one moment. Your presence. Your mind. And your understanding.
Physical presence is the starting point. If you are there, or can be there in person, be there. Or these days, we’ve all learned that Zoom meetings and distanced connections can approximate presence when necessary.
Mental presence means that I am truly listening to comprehend what you’re saying .  Or that I’m engaged in intentional thought about my circumstances. Even when you’re alone, bring next level thinking to the moment.
Understanding, or emotional presence requires that you tune in to the person you’re with, or to the moment you’re in. Understanding brings empathy and even physical shifts, so don’t be afraid to feel.
Being busy and distracted is not a sign of importance. It may be a clue that you’re missing out, holding back, and depriving those you love of what they so desperately want – you. Bring your multiplied attention, physical, mental, and emotional, and witness how remarkable your life really is. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Tak Kurtz says:

    I like this message, yet I couldn’t help but feel that you were saying something important that was going over my head. Honestly I think it is my own overwhelming dealings with
    Facebook… which I honestly need to exercise more control over, as I get people I don’t know, poluting my head… and it sticks, takes me days to get over an attack someone has delivered upon me. I think your message is right on time for me!!!

  • Nuggets of gold…precious and valued! Thank you!

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