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New Traditions

As you move through the holidays, consider a few new traditions, and elevate the meaning of those you choose to continue.



Are your holiday traditions filling you up or just wearing you out? What if you could elevate existing traditions and possibly create some new ones?
Traditions are powerful – beliefs and behaviors passed from one generation to the next. Enriched with meaning and symbolism, traditions can implant lifelong memories, provide a place in history, and create a strong sense of purpose.
Yet some traditions, or traditional responses, can diminish joy and create conflict. As an active participant in your life and history, you can elevate the traditions you choose to propel.
The idea of a “new tradition” may seem like a contradiction, yet traditions start somewhere, and can start with you.
Take time to remember and explain why your traditions have meaning. And as for new traditions, what if you told everyone you spent time with what you most appreciate and admire about them?
Acknowledge those who are suffering loss or struggling with challenges. Bring the gift of understanding.
Take an after dinner walk or do something fun and physical!
Instead of engaging in family conflict, start meaningful conversations, focused on encouragement.
Rethink your approach to gifting, so you don’t break the bank.
Life provides choices, always. What you stand for, what you create, and what you contribute. Don’t take your traditions for granted, or simply go through the motions. Choose them, and enjoy them together, Off Balance On Purpose.


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