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Not Knowing

In a world that demands immediate answers and absolute certainty, there is tremendous power and potential in resisting the urge (and urgency) to follow suit. This week’s short video will help you to own what you don’t know, ask better questions, and allow the right answers to surface.






How comfortable are you NOT knowing? There’s tremendous power in uncertainty, if you will allow it to materialize. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Lawrenceville, GA.
I’ve just ended a successful, immersive year-long commitment, and many have asked, “What’s next for you Dan?” The answer? I’m not quite sure. I mean I have projects, work, and desires. But the next “big thing” is not yet clear. And I’m okay with that.
“Not knowing” is not often celebrated. When presented options, we’re supposed to pick one! When there’s a question, the fastest answer wins. And people follow leaders with certainty, right? Well, in my experience, that’s not the whole truth. People follow leaders who are authentic, even when that means admitting that they’re still figuring it out.
When you are unconfident and feel you must choose, it puts you in a position of weakness. Unconfident guessing. However, when you reveal you don’t yet know, you’re actually in a position of strength. You embody confidence, provided you also convey your principles and commitment to finding the answer.
I’m not saying to stall or obstruct, but if your intuition doesn’t match your options, it’s okay to keep asking. Maybe you need better questions, rather than a quick answer. Those who can “hang” with NOT knowing, resisting urgency, often get better answers the first time.
Instead of being “unsure,” frame it this way: You are curiously expecting. Rather than having to choose the right answer, expect that it will become revealed when you operate from a place of authentic and open examination, rather than a desire to prove yourself.
This week, identify at least one breakthrough question, for which you don’t have the answer. And then, get comfortable not knowing, until you do. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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