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Not so Random

Do you use uncertainty and randomness to your advantage? This week’s video will help you understand the difference and get the most out of what is unknown and unexpected.



What you think is random may not be. How do you discern the difference? We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Victoria, British Columbia.
As you pursue a goal or course of action you will encounter the uncertain and the random, and it’s important to understand the distinction.
There’s a lot about your future that’s uncertain, as it’s still playing out. You shape what happens, but other factors are involved. You handle this by preparing, working a plan, maintaining momentum, and continuing to improve. You take your shots when you have them, and learn from what works and what doesn’t.
Randomness is totally different, and life is full of random occurrences, good and bad. They’re not connected to logic or determined effort, but seem to just happen out of the blue.
How you handle randomness says a lot about you. Are you easily thrown by it? Do you take it personally? Do you give up quickly? Or do you find it amusing, validating, and part of life’s adventure?
Don’t indulge random problems with worry or emotional intensity. Know they exist, and understand the odds, perhaps. And remember randomness also works in your favor. In my experience, when you’re doing the work and operating with pure intentions, random opportunities become a regular part of life.
So, as you contemplate the uncertainty you’re facing, remember it’s not as random as you think, and that randomness may actually be on your side. Until next week, handle what you can, strive for what you want, and stay tuned for what you could never expect, Off Balance On Purpose.


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