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Now Normal

If you’ve been hoping for and working towards a “new normal” then watch this video. You’ll quickly discover the limits of that approach while you learn to unlock the power of what’s happening NOW.



If you’re struggling to imagine what your “new normal” looks like, that might not be as helpful as you hope. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, right now.

After being so incredibly disrupted, we have a deep and understandable desire to reclaim how it was was, or at least get to a “new normal.”  It’s as if “normalcy” exists somewhere down the road, and we just have to endure, or struggle, until then.

But please understand, you don’t EVER get to occupy your future. “Normalcy” doesn’t exist! Because all we ever get is NOW.
Living doesn’t happen in your past or your future, but only in your moments. So if you desire MORE, or better, then your first commitment must be embracing and leveraging NOW. And if “now” ever feels “normal,”  you’re missing the point!

We don’t want our now to be normal, predictable, ordinary or routine.
Because in truth, your NOW is extraordinary. Original. Uniquely yours. And infused with infinite possibilities.
So rather than hoping to discover a “new normal,” how about choosing a NOW normal? Make a commitment, informed by your recent past, that you will, starting from right now, engage with your moments in very intentional ways.

1. Pay attention. Don’t let the moments slip by you, when in fact, they are ALL you ever get.
2. Give your all. Don’t hold back. Contribute useful ideas. Make extra effort your personal brand.
3. Appreciate what IS. Rather than focusing on what isn’t, default to appreciate the good things while they happen!
4. Honor others. Elevate those who share your moments, and your life.
5. Celebrate. Laugh, smile, play, pray. Give thanks for this beautiful life and it’s unpredictable nature.

Make this concept your own. Adjust your normal settings for how you engage with NOW. Demand more of yourself while capturing the magic and beauty around you. Because life is a gift to enjoy as it happens!
Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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