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There’s a fine line between “Thinking things over” and “Overthinking things.” This week will help you recognize when you’re thinking is forestalling progress, and how to accelerate your learning and results.



How do you know when you’ve cross the boundary between “thinking things through” and “overthinking things?”  This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Memphis, TN.
I don’t often get accused of overthinking things. Quite the contrary. I definitely have a bias for action. When given an opportunity or a moment of clarity, I tend to seize it. Make the call. Start writing. Fix the problem. Try something. It just takes a desirable direction to get me moving. And while this makes some people uncomfortable, to me it makes perfect sense and has proven effective over the years.
Quality, honest thinking can reveal answers fairly quickly. The problem is answers require action. They put you on the hook to follow through, and it’s far easier to just keep thinking. Analyze the problem. Study it. Internalize it, and get ready. Now, this can lead to overthinking and second guessing yourself.
I’m not suggesting a blind leap into the unknown. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Yet you’ll learn far faster once you’re in the mode of actually doing. This elevates your thinking, as it’s now informed by real-time results. And once you’re taking steps down the road, you’re also in the company of those much further ahead of you.
If you feel like you need all the details before you start, you’re overthinking it. You never get all the details, and you’ll understand it  much differently once you’re in it. If you’re fixating on your weaknesses and fears, again, you’re overthinking it. The way to get stronger, more confident, and less fearful is to start doing things you haven’t done before.
When you’re stuck in a thinking loop that’s preventing real progress, just ask, “What would Elvis Do?”
Actually, what you should ask is “What do I know for sure?” Or “what is the next step that I know is necessary?” Then, do that. Build on the clarity that you have. Activate your intentions, and generate valuable momentum. Now you’re advancing ideas, action, and results. Until next next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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