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      Peace in the Present

      When one of us inflicts pain, or suffers, it hurts us all, and requires that you and I bring more of what helps. This week’s video will help you access peace right now, in order to change hearts and improve what matters.



      If you could have anything you want in this world, what would it be? This week were Off Balance On Purpose, seeking peace.
      Last week, we started a conversation about looking within and tapping into your higher self. And as just that message was cued for release, humanity was dealt a devastating, emotional blow. And it hurts all of us, because, in truth, we are not separate. We are one. When one person suffers pain, injustice, or loss, it affects the body of humankind.
      I started by asking what you really, truly want. What came to mind for you? Possessions? Circumstances? Outcomes? And why? To what end? Happiness?  You can’t have happiness unless you have peace. And we may believe that peace resides outside us – accessible when we get our want, or our wish.  But peace is the way, and it’s only available in the present.
      Peace in your heart. Alone, apart, and together. The same, and yet beautifully different.
      Peace when it’s quiet – and when the emotion and noise are deafening.
      Determined to rise above hate – and bring a higher frequency of thought, empathy and love.
      Today, I am listening louder than I have been. Instead of my thinking mind … analysis, categorizing, debating, I’ve tried to move to my higher self – synthesizing, feeling, and transcending my perspective to incorporate others. I don’t have to be right, or have the answers, but I’m expanding my understanding. And that helps.
      The key to higher awareness is absolute presence. Own the lessons of the past. Envision a better future. But live and act in the present. Be here, now, and know that peace is yours to access and use at this moment. Its power, has changed hearts and history. It’s our turn. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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    • Chad Goodson says:

      That is great insight for me and others that need that message. Thanks Dan for looking at the Big picture and it truly effects us all.

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