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      This week’s topic comes from Lars, who asked for insights and strategies about “Persistence.” My take may actually surprise you and help you reassess the big challenges in your life.



      Do you find it hard to finish what you start, accomplish what you intend, or continue what’s important? Today, let’s talk about Persistence.  Thank you, Lars, for requesting this topic, as I have a lot to say about persistence, not all of which you’d expect. I mean, obviously, I’m a fan. We’ve been producing these videos every Tuesday for over five years without missing a week. I practice my skills every day. And I’ve developed a reputation as someone you can count out to deliver what’s promised.
      However, persistence, defined as “firm or obstinate continuance of a course of action despite difficulty or opposition” is not necessarily a good thing. At what are you persisting? Are your efforts taking you somewhere, or are you going in circles? And does your “firm and obstinate continuance” come at a cost to those you care about?
      Persistence can be a noble quality or a sign of weakness, addiction, and stupidity. Many people persist at what’s wrong, harmful, or immoral, perpetuating patterns of limitation. It takes strength and courage to admit the “sunk costs” of previous efforts did not deliver what was hoped for or promised. Sometimes the heroic thing is to desist and move on.
      To persist at what adds purpose and improvement to your life, you may try these strategies, which work for me.
      1. Put yourself on the hook. The reason I’m persistent with these videos comes down to the last eight words of each one.
      2. Think long term. When you fail in the short run, which you will, remember persistence is the long game, and recommit.
      3. Count the little things. Because momentum matters, you must count small victories in the win column. If you spend five minutes toward your intention, it counts. Build on it.
      4. Be honest. If you’re floundering, you may be fooling yourself about whether your plan is solid, worthwhile, or even means that much to you.
      Persistence is about attention, correction, and action. Sometimes you need to stop what isn’t working and remove the difficulty and opposition of your own design, and other times you must stay the course. Keep going. Keep growing. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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