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      Posturing for Success

      Did you know that your physical and mental posture play vital roles for your success? This week’s video will help you better embody the success you wish to consistently create.





      Did you know that your physical and mental posture play vital roles for your success? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Los Angeles.

      How you stand enhances what you stand for. How you carry yourself carries enormous influence. And how you move can move others and shape what happens next. So straighten up! You’ve heard it. You’ve said it. And you’ve experienced how a physically taller posture enhances your confidence, attitude and perceived command of circumstances. Try it now. Stand or sit squarely and then elongate your spine, as if a string is attached to the middle of your head, pulling upward.

      Now I’m a shorter guy, so I probably always I did this naturally, to compensate. And as a drummer, what I learned is that in order to use all of your limbs, you actually have to balance on your sit bones, with your spine stacked straight to support your torso and your head. The physicality of what I do in performance and in life has taught me, that how we hold ourselves, not only enables better function, but changes the way we feel and how others see us.

      Researching this, it’s very clear that there is a direct link between physiology and psychology, and it works both ways. When you are depressed, tired, or discouraged, you tend to slump your shoulders, shallow your breathing, hunch your back, which causes pain, causing you to continue to hunch, thinking that your back muscles just need more rest. And, over time, this mind and body state becomes the norm. However, if you consciously stack your spine, deepen your breathing to support your body, pull back your shoulders, and strengthen your core, you can profoundly affect your psychology.

      How you engage with your next step or desire to make progress directly conveys your opinion of what is in front of you. Are you on the move toward something important, or wandering aimlessly? Are you reluctant to budge, or eager to drive your posture forward toward something positive? When you walk and move, move with purpose.

      We talk a lot about leaning in to change, which is way different than slumping toward it. A coordinated lean means you keep your head up, your focus out, and you bring your full strength and intention as you shift toward the future. You’re engaged, leaning in to learn, keeping your weight on your toes, so that you can shift and move as you go.

      So this week, become more intentional about how you stand, breathe and move. And experience your enhanced confidence and influence. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

    • Kurtz Tak says:

      So very true!
      And Dan … your background setting seems to look familiar… for some reason haha

    • Phillip Solomon says:

      I think I recognize that background myself. Love your tie in with drumming and appropriate posture.

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