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      Present Not Perfect

      Is your desire to be perfect preventing you from achieving what you really want? This week’s video will help you accelerate learning and get results by striving to be present, not perfect.

    • Tak Kurtz says:

      Great message Dan! not perfect / off balance…but always present.

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        You got it, Tak! I’d be curious to know how this idea is reflected in Japan, where you live. Does Japanese culture value perfection or presence?

    • As Woody Allen said, “80% of success is showing up.” Of course being there isn’t enough, you have to be present.

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        So true, Jon! I think about that Woody Allen quote and often notice, “it’s not just about showing up. But continuing to show up.” Seems in life in may respects, the persistence of presence makes the difference. That’ll be another video, though!

    • Mike Rayburn says:

      I love this. It opened the door to more thoughts on perfection and performance I needed and need to pursue. And what a relief, that we don’t have to be perfect. I got great consolation when my “Virtuoso Community” student, Cherie Roe, who went on to Juilliiard and is now a world-renowned classical pianist said… “I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, everyone hits wrong notes.” Ahhh… relief. And Beethoven himself said, “To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable.” We must free ourselves from the pressure of performing to perfection, in order to perform with passion.

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        Great input, Mike! And Miles Davis said, “It’s not the note you play that’s wrong – it’s the note you play after it that makes it right or wrong.” In the jazz of life, there really are no wrong notes, only funky changes!

    • Ricardo chavez says:

      Be Present is enough. Perfection is sometimes is boring. Thank you Dan.

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        Thanks Ricardo. Now that you are attuned to this idea, notice what draws you in… is it the perfection of a person, moment, or work? Or is it the subtle imperfections that make it accessible and interesting to you?

    • Andrea Ivins says:

      Great lesson Dan! Needed to hear this today!

    • Elaine Holmquist says:

      Your message regarding Present, Not Perfect really resonated with me. I found when I engaged with other people and relaxed, my productivity increased. In the world of Corporate Affairs, my executive shared something with me during the first few weeks of my employment which really stuck, “I’d rather have it at 80% and on time versus 100% and late”. Coming from the world of sales, integrated supply chain, and research and development, this was a big adjustment for me. Thank you for sharing!

    • Stephanie Craig says:

      This one speaks VOLUMES to me and my natural character! You know first-hand how “perfection” slows my process as well as my confidence in my abilities. Thanks! I needed to hear this one, and will continue to reference it often. Like teenagers, some of us need to hear the same thing over and over before we absorb it. 🙂

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