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Presume Positive

How can you simultaneously elevate your experiences, increase the odds of success, and attract people who will help you? This week’s video makes the case for positivity put into action.



How do you approach any circumstance with the greatest chance of success? Step one. Presume positive.

Presuming positive means that you expect desired outcomes, assume good intentions, and project the beliefs that serve you and others. And before you dismiss this idea as naive, a denial of reality, or an invitation to being taken advantage of, let me make my case. Because in my experience, presuming positive has been enormously beneficial.

You don’t know all the facts, and nothing is as simple and straightforward as it seems. And so we go through life with all these open-ended questions, such as:

– What are others, thoughts, motives, and abilities?
– Abundance versus scarcity?
– Your capabilities. Do you have what it takes?
– How best to help someone?
– Belief that you are part of and connected to a Divine plan?

When faced with options of what to believe, without absolute proof being possible, pick the belief that improves the odds, elevates your experience, and projects what is needed and helpful.

Your life does not equal your experiences. Your life equals your interpretation of your experiences and your response, both of which you control. YOUR LIFE happens in your head, exclusively for you, is experienced in the present, and can change in just one inspired moment.

When I believe in you, and I do, it makes it easier for you to believe in you, and belief changes everything. And my belief isn’t unfounded. It’s informed by awareness of your infinite potential and profound power. Universal principles are universally accessible. And this means that you, too, can see and experience everyday transformations and breakthroughs.

Move through life projecting positive intentions and expectations, and everything changes. You create better interactions. You prove to yourself, little by little, that you’re more capable than you once thought. You become a beacon which attracts others who are done with drowning in pity and helplessness. Hope, happiness and healing, become byproducts, rather than impossibilities.

Presume positive. It’s not wishful thinking. It’s useful, strategic thinking, which inspires today’s actions. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Excellent message and I loved your use of the screen to show points!

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