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Prime Time Productivity

In the quest for productivity, are you best utilizing your “prime time?” This week’s video will help you leverage your best hours to handle what’s most important.



If you’ve been struggling to get done what needs to get done, well, let’s boost your prime time productivity.
Productivity isn’t about more hours in a day. It’s about leveraging your most amazing hours. Strategically sequence your day, starting with these questions.
First, what are your most critical tasks and unique contributions? What is most important to do, discover, or create? That answer should reveal what makes you most fulfilled, proud, and valuable.
Next, what are your “prime time” hours? Are you best early morning? Are you an evening person? What are your magic hours, when you feel most energized? When creativity flows freely, and it’s easiest to focus or move?
Now, are you using your best hours of the day to focus on your most critical tasks? Or, are you spending your prime time answering email, distracting yourself on social media, or other low level activities?
Plan and protect your prime time for creative tasks and important assignments, as it only comes once a day. Make sure you’re hydrated and nourished to go all out, and give yourself the freedom to focus and handle what matters most.
Aim to expand your prime time with physical activity including workouts, walks and stretches. You can bring more of you to more of your day. Yet realize you can’t “peak” for 8 or 10 hours.
The key is to be intentional. Plan your day in the morning or the night before. Experiment, observe what works, and make adjustments, taking increasing control and ownership of your prime time programming. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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