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Professional Purpose

How do you choose the next career move? How can you add more meaning to the work you presently do? This week’s video was inspired by Barb, who helps all of us recommit to professional purpose.

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  • Mary Lewis says:

    Always inspirational…. Thanks for the energy boost.

  • India Willis says:

    Love this inspirational message, great perspective. I am one of those who left corporate America to pursue meaningful work. So glad I did.

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    Wonderful, Dan! It makes perfect sense!
    And for my current situation …fits. Ha ha now I just need
    my Japanese to be better… so I can get the message across better!
    And PASSION is an interesting thing as it often crosses the language barrier.

  • Kelley Wenger says:

    I really enjoyed your energy and your motivational speech at the Dot national business meeting in St Louis. I have shared your name with others that can learn and grow thought your thoughts. Thank you!

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