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Quick Change Artistry

Can you change quickly, or does it take awhile? The answer isn’t simple, but understanding the process can enable quicker and more lasting transformation.



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Can you change quickly, or does it take a long time? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Charleston.
This week’s question comes from Marie, who asks is it possible to make big changes quickly? What do you think? My take is this. Change happens quicker than you think and takes longer than you can imagine. And if that sounds like a contradiction, well, that’s part of being human.
First, you need to believe that making big changes – like adopting a new belief, new habit, new lifestyle, or new YOU can and do happen in an instant. It doesn’t occur on command, but when your thoughts and circumstances align and you give yourself permission to grow, big changes can happen in a blink.
It could be you’ve been thinking about something for awhile, struggling to find the fit, and then suddenly, almost as if by magic, it simply becomes accessible, easy, and necessary to change. Or, your circumstances force it upon you, and you have no other choice.
So what about the second part? Well the reason change takes longer than you imagine is that old neural pathways and former habits and routines are never erased from your brain. There will come a time when the “new you” seems effortless, and you may take it for granted, or stop doing what’s working, even in the midst of great results.
Habits of excellence, once installed, are easy to maintain… until they’re not. And that shift can also happen in an instant, so recognize what thoughts and circumstances can bring you back to what was. And react quickly.
The bottom line is that change is constant, but changes aren’t permanent. So seek purpose to guide your growth, and rather than focusing on what you will stop, quit, or give up, commit to what you get, start, and gain!
Thanks Marie. Please keep the questions coming, my friends. Share this with someone who needs it. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • Chad Goodson says:

    Great message Dan. Im in Sumter S.C this morning about to go to my 1st classes in a 3 day bootcamp/training. Please ? for me thank you for your message. It was great to here right before my new beginning.

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