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Raise Your Lows

We all have high and low moments. But do you have a strategy to lessen the impact and duration of your lows? This week’s video will help you keep going, keep growing, and get more out of life.



If you want to feel better more often, it’s time to learn to raise the lows.

People often ask me, how do you stay so upbeat and positive? Don’t you ever get down on yourself or your circumstances? And the answer is yes, I have low moments, yet my low moments are higher than most.

Your threshold of experiences operate within a certain range, let’s say
from the wonderful to the miserable. Most people, when feeling great or optimistic reflexively limit the positive, injecting shots of negativity. Let’s point out the downsides, get back to reality, and remember how bad things really are.

Allowing yourself to experience more success, or life’s wonder, joy, and beauty can be difficult, as if we have a built in limiter of our own happiness. Part of this is self protection. The higher your spirits soar, perhaps, the further they have to fall.

Yet when it comes to the bottom, it’s like we’re in a limbo contest. You think that’s bad? Watch this! Lower the bar, please. Now, if this is the game you’re playing, trust me, you’ll always find something else to fear, resent, or feel crappy about. Do this long enough, and you’ll have a hard time leaving the floor.

I have worked to raise my acceptable lows. I don’t stew in misery, but reframe undesirable experiences to help me. When I start to feel bad, physically or emotionally, I respond quickly with adjustments I know will help. Here’s how you can do the same.

Number one, catch your happiness. When you’re feeling great, healthy, and positive, notice what you’re doing. What ideas and people are you aligned with? What behaviors and disciplines are you enacting?

Number two, early detection. Notice signals of decline, including negative thoughts and behavior, before they gain momentum. Set your acceptable bottom considerably higher.

And number three, do what works. Although it’s difficult because you’re not as resourceful, do and think what you were doing and thinking at the top of your game. Go to the people and places that propel you.

Or, don’t. A lot of people seem to enjoy misery, or at least its familiarity. But I suggest you align with your upside, raise your lows, and then stretch to soar even higher.

Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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