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Success isn’t a mystery. In fact, it leaves pretty clear clues. The question is, are you reading the results?



Success isn’t a mystery. In fact, it leaves pretty clear clues. The question is, are you reading the results?

Here’s a principle that seems obvious, but can be easily neglected and is often ignored. To make things better in business, or any aspect of life, pay close attention to what is and isn’t working. The performance of a plan reveals its merit. The state of a relationship displays results of communication patterns. Your present state of mind conveys the quality of your thinking.

Success, whether yours or someone else’s, leaves a trail. And so does dysfunction. So here are three results you can check today to gauge your current course and future prospects.

1. Do you know what you’re doing?  Do you have a plan and clear action items on your list every day? Is it a good mix of daily disciplines and time sensitive items? And do your daily actions deliver?

2. Is opportunity knocking? Do you currently have opportunities to grow, work with people you enjoy, and contribute in a satisfying way?

3. Are you at peace? Are you anxious, frenzied, and stressed out? Or are you happy and mostly peaceful, even when things get hard?

If you know what to do, see momentum and opportunity building, and feel mentally stable, you’re on the right track! If, however, you answered no to each of those questions, your premise about what works or what will work, well, isn’t working. Change is required. Find someone who has those results, and model their beliefs, words, and actions.

It’s easy to dismiss someone who has what you want as more fortunate. But don’t rule out the possibility that what they’re thinking and doing may simply work better. Read the results and follow them to reveal a new approach, and try it. What do you have to lose? Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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