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Relative Reality

This week’s video will shed light on what is real, and how to better relate to those with different perspectives.



Some days you just have to ask yourself: What is real? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose facing reality.

In recent weeks, two very different scenarios have merged into one. So much has stayed the same – and yet everything is different. We’re still at home, and the days of similarity have blurred such that we often can’t distinguish one from another. And yet, your perspective of the world, the future, and your foundational reality, may be altered from moment to moment. That’s because we don’t live a fact-based existence. We process the world through our emotions.

Reality is subjective. And understanding this can help you better navigate your uncertainty AND extend grace and compassion to those who see things very differently than you do. Keeping it “real” is less about finding a definitive answer, and more about managing the lens through which you see, question, and act.

So how do you actively manage your version of reality?

1. Control your inputs. Don’t outsource your lens to those who will gladly push your buttons. How can you become informed without becoming inflamed?
2. Assume positive intention. Extend the benefit of the doubt and understand, this isn’t easy for anyone.
3. Accept responsibility. No one is invested in your future more than you.
4. Activate hope. Believe that fantastic days are ahead, and start by improving this one.
5. Expand your influence. As your reality shifts, others may begin to see what you see. And this is more about projection than it is persuasion.

You cannot assign your reality to someone else. Or ever fully understand theirs. We all ultimately choose the world in which we live.

You don’t have to make others wrong to stand tall in your truth. So don’t waste vital energy negating others’ realities. And as we emerge from these challenging days, which we will, understand that everyone will continue to operate with unique, vivid versions of what is “real.” And that’s OK. Extend empathy, as you actively shape an inspiring reality that is all your own. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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