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The Impact of Chaos on the American Workforce

Key findings revealing the current state and impact of chaos on workers and leaders and suggested strategies to improve wellbeing and performance.

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Where patterns emerge, action is required.

Explore the intriguing shift from change to chaos in our groundbreaking report, with research and analysis from Dan Thurmon and the Center for Generational Kinetics. Delve into the impact of chaos as we analyze patterns and insights from a diverse sample of 1,000 participants evenly distributed in age, income, and area of the country. Discover actionable strategies for personal growth and leadership to effectively navigate and seize opportunities in this increasingly complex and uncertain environment. This report is the culmination of Dan Thurman’s decades in helping teams overcome chaos across the country and around the world. Get ready to harness the power of accelerated change!

Key Findings

The Author and Intention

For nearly three decades I have been working closely with leaders and teams across many industries: real estate, banking, technology, manufacturing, financial services, health care, food services, and pharmaceutical (to name a few). Our clients span the United States and around the world. I have delivered thousands of speeches and written multiple books, including Off Balance On Purpose: Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Love and, most recently, Positive Chaos: Transforming Crisis into Clarity and Advantage.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of addressing top experts in business, government, and education. I’ve shared methodologies and insights for aligning per-sonal growth with professional excellence in order to attract and retain top talent, maximize the experience and contributions of individuals, and achieve competitive advantages for teams and organizations.

In recent years, I’ve observed a troubling transformation in the nature of business and personal challenges. No longer are people simply “managing change.” They are now facing “chaos,” an accelerated and amplified version of change that is experienced as a near-constant crisis; unpredictable, destabilizing, and debilitating to those they lead and serve.

We conducted this study to uncover the presence, nature, cause, and impact of the current chaos upon American’s workforce. More importantly, I wanted to help you and others like you understand what to do about it – not only to succeed a higher level, but also to help those who are deeply troubled and vulnerable. I believe chaos doesn’t have to be a negative experience thrust upon people. It can and, for many, is a force to use to your advantage, gaining greater clarity and contributing in ways that are highly valued. What follows in this white paper are some of the key discoveries and opportunities that exist for you now.

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