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      Reversing Polarity

      You can’t make other people less negative. You can change yourself and influence others by example. But when experiencing negativity, how exactly do you “switch” to a positive perspective? This short video delivers six strategies you can put to work today.

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      When experiencing negativity it’s easy to say, “Well, just flip the switch and take a more positive perspective.” But really, how do you do that?  This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Houston.

      Two weeks ago I advocated that we actively adjust our default response to best serve present and future outcomes. And that video was really well received.  But a couple of people reached out and asked specifically, how do you tactically shift from the negative to the positive? When facing or immersed in negativity, how do you reverse your polarity?

      Now this will be quick as our format requires, but hopefully helpful and practical. Here are six suggestions to re-frame the negativity that you face, for you. And that’s the first key. You can’t make other people less negative. You can change yourself and influence others by example, or choose not to engage with the negativity you encounter.

      Number 1: Slow it down.
      Stop reacting. Create space. Take a pause to evaluate before you respond.

      Number 2: Suspend your judgment.
      Before you label something as good or bad see that it just is. Resist the impulse to assign a quality, or character, to your circumstances.

      Number 3: Empathize.  Explore the duality.
      Think from the other person’s perspective. What do they fear that’s causing this response? Extend the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

      Number 4: Flip the Script.
      What if this thing you’re calling the problem is actually part of the solution? Deliberately take a view that’s opposite the reflex that you feel.

      Number 5: Shift to serve.
      Rather than being right, try to be helpful. When you don’t have to prove yourself, it’s amazing how much  you can help others.

      Number 6: When in doubt zoom out.
      Imagine your circumstances from a distant location, almost as if observing someone else’s life. Then, with the benefit of distant detachment intelligently and intentionally assign meaning.

      Reversing the polarity of a moment, while experiencing negativity, is not easy. It takes practice. But fortunately, life will
      provide you lots of opportunities to try again. So revisit these ideas and apply them. Make them your own and keep
      those requests for new topics coming my way. Until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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