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Rockstar Relationships

I am blessed with amazing and brilliant friends, and this week I want you to meet Mark Schulman, who is both a fantastic professional speaker AND a real-life rock star as the drummer for international phenomenon, Pink!

This week, Mark talks a bit about how he attains peak performance energy by focusing not on himself, but on how he can be of service to others. Watch the video below for useful wisdom and incredible clips from the concert.

You may have seen Mark perform with Pink this year on The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, or one of the many international destinations of the unbelievable Beautiful Trauma tour. The scale and impact of this production is simply beyond any concert I’ve ever experienced. Please put this show on your bucket list and see it for yourself! Also, check out Mark’s Speaking Page to gain more of his powerful insights.

This week, apply the simple principle of placing others’ needs before your own. Be the drummer. The foundation. Supply that steady pulse of support and stability for those around you. Be the dependable force of consistent encouragement and assistance. Then watch how your life transforms for the better, both with improved relationships and new opportunities to shine.

  • So true. So true. That is … to live by those 6 words, “What can I do for you?” Thanks Dan for introducing us to Mark and letting him showcase this important philosophy for living a more fulfilled life.
    Rock On!

  • Karen says:

    I love this, I think that being of service to others ultimately leads to personal happiness, without it, you can never achieve contentment, you will always being looking for something to fill this void…thanks for sharing!

  • Bob G. says:

    Great choice here to share Marks experience with us. Thank you. I agree that service is a key concept that is so much more than the word itself. Service to others can be in non-profit, in family, in church , in work and almost in everything we do. As a manager I have always had this approach with members of my team and it fosters not just trust and success but it also rubs off in how team members are themselves when they go on to their next jobs or how they interact with others. Again, thanks for sharing. You’ve inspired me today!!!!

  • Rose Wooldridge says:

    Being of service to others helps you find your strengths and learn how you can take your place in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if schools and places of work taught people how to be of service? I think a lot of people don’t know how to help others. I liked Mark’s simple examples and think they are a great place to start. Thank you.

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