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Rounding Errors

Are your “rounding errors” depriving you of meaningful experiences, consistent growth, and impressive results? The little ways you interpret and value your world may just change everything.



Rounding errors aren’t significant, right? Well, actually they way you round up or round down can dramatically affect your life!
Most people give themselves credit for intentions or for making a basic effort, and so they “round them up.” Oh well, at least I tried, it just didn’t work out this time. No. It almost never works out on the first try. You don’t round up your half efforts, your desires, or failures to give yourself credit.
Unless, of course, you fully own the learning that came from the failure. Why exactly didn’t it work out? How can you apply it next time? Capture that, and round it up to full value.
Also, “round up” the people in your life. Instead of fixating on their irritations, round UP their uniqueness and best qualities. Instead of being annoyed, be amazed, or at least amused by the characters in your life, and recognize you can learn from every one of them.
“Round up” validation. Especially in the early stages, take encouragement wherever you can get it.  When you receive positive traction or small success, round those up to momentum.
Instead of rounding down your bad habits, discounting them as unimportant or “just how you are.” Recognize that the little things and the daily routines are enormously important. Round those up, in terms of priority and improvement.
Round down praise and adoration. Praise and complements are fantastic! And when that happens for you, enjoy it, then quickly “round it down” to deflate your ego. If you don’t check your humility, humility will check you.
And finally, round down your effort. When it comes to doing less or doing more, require that you do more in order for it to count.  Make “extra effort” and “attention to detail“ part of your personal brand. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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