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Safe Danger

Dan Thurmon’s Safe Danger Keynote
Respect Risk. Accept Responsibility.™

Dan Thurmon’s Safe Danger presentation is like no other safety program you’ve ever experienced. Dan teaches and visually illustrates effective strategies for recognizing hazards in the workplace and managing the undeniable risks that are present. Dan draws from more than three decades experience as a world-class performer, as well as training by some of the most influential and successful masters of the circus and stunt world. You’ll be amazed, inspired, and fascinated as you learn “backstage secrets” to developing the discipline of thought and behavior to manage real hazards with zero harm. You’ll learn the most common factors that cause us to “DROP” and lead to preventable accidents. More importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid or disarm these factors when they occur.

There is no such thing as a “hazard free” environment. Safety requires constant attention and a commitment to not just maintain, but continuously improve both knowledge and abilities. Dan brings a unique perspective that is engaging, immediately applicable, and enormously effective at helping your team improve their safety performance.


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