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Seizing Moments

Your life is a collection of moments which you can either “deal with” and understand later or seize as they happen. This week’s video will help you improve your ability to recognize and maximize more meaningful moments.



You might be missing moments of opportunity without even realizing it. So this week, from Los Cabos, let’s learn how to seize more of the moments in front of you.

Uncertainty is the questioning of what might be, rather than the unfolding and experience of what is. The way you engage life, moment to moment, determines both the experience you live and the scope of available options and opportunities.

Moments are to be seized and experienced. Or analyzed and understood in retrospect. If you take a moment to study a moment, you may have already missed the moment. So how do we free ourselves to better experience, recognize, and seize more of the moments in our lives? Here are five keys to better master your moments.

  1. Expect the extraordinary. Magical moments aren’t rare, but overflowing in life, wherever you are. Anticipate and capture what others overlook.
  2. Own your values and aspirations. The more clear you are on what’s important, the more you’ll recognize when it’s happening.
  3. Elevate observations. Lift your perspective above the minutia, placing yourself in the context of a larger scene.
  4.  Jump in. Engage the place and people around you with a more direct response. Say what you think, smile at others, and say yes to invitations.
  5. Make it count. Don’t dismiss what happens. Count it. Reflect on, or journal what you thought, saw, heard, or encountered, adding it to your life-long learning database.

It’s not about the place you find yourself, but the intention you place on your surroundings and your life. Expect more remarkable moments, and respond to their arrival, and you will be Off Balance On Purpose.

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