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      Showing Up

      This week’s video provides guidance and a powerful checklist to ensure you are “showing up” for the moments and opportunities of your life!



      What is the key to an enduring success and fulfilling life? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, showing up.
      You’ll meet people who dazzle you with their natural talent, abilities, and potential. You’ll see in them qualities and capabilities you simply don’t have and may even feel a twinge of envy, thinking “If only I DID have that, it would change my life!”
      Then, over time, that person disengages, drifts away and never reaches the heights that you envisioned. Meanwhile, you’re still there, making progress, getting better, and making things happen. You see “showing up” isn’t about showing off. It’s quite literally, about staying engaged for your commitments and the moments that matter.
      For clients, I make promises weeks or months in advance to “show up” at a specific city, date, time and stage, fully prepared to deliver for their audience. With virtual, or “distanced” presentations, we also show up now with technology, including redundancies for power, internet, audio and video. Admittedly, we’ve taken our video production and virtual training to the extreme.
      Beyond professionally, there’s so much in my life I’ve experienced and enjoyed simply because I’m loyal, consistent, persistent, and a bit obsessive. You don’t have to be extraordinary. In fact, after awhile, the act of “showing up” becomes ordinary – an unshakable standard that you’ve set for yourself.
      Are you consistently showing up for the moments and opportunities in your life? Consider this checklist.
      1. Do you honor your commitments? arriving on time and prepared? There’s only one way to develop a reputation for dependability. Prove it, consistently.
      2. Are you fully present in the moments you occupy? Engage with what’s happening, and contribute.
      3. Do you show up for friends and family? Showing up shows love, and demonstrates who you value.
      4. Do you consistently practice? Hone the skills that you require and those you enjoy. You’ll be ready for the big moments if you practice when no one’s looking, so show up for yourself.
      5. Do you deliver? Are you driving or slowing down projects? Don’t be the bottleneck for creative progress. Be the catalyst to inspire others.
      Show up for life in a bigger way, and you’ll have a bigger life. You’ll become irreplaceable, have more fun, and more influence. I’ll keep showing up for you, as promised, and until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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