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Singapore Time Warp

How long does it take to have a profound experience? This week Dan takes you on a “compressed adventure” to Singapore, in order to learn the secrets of “Warping Time” to your advantage.

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How long does it take to have a truly profound experience? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Singapore.
I returned to Singapore, briefly, to deliver a presentation yesterday for a fantastic client. Staying a bit longer today, and then returning home late tonight for other commitments. I brought my daughter, Maggie, in order to share and maximize the adventure.
Now that’s a sizable commitment of time, money, and energy. Is it worth it for such a quick trip? Absolutely! Because it doesn’t take long to have a profound, life-shaping experience.
Compressed experiences can be RICH with reward, whether that means whirlwind trips, like this one, or meaningful and appreciated moments. Too often we pass by opportunities to claim adventures because we’re preoccupied, or on the move elsewhere.
Mastering the “compressed adventure” is what I call “Warping Time.” When it seems like your schedule is filled to the max, you can seemingly bend the rules of time by going deeper into the experience of the moment. Add an unplanned diversion to a full schedule, and suddenly it seem like you’ve cheating the day. And, rather than cutting conversations to their bare minimum, pause to truly connect, and express genuine interest and just watch how those few moments change the quality of your entire day.
Time is relative, in the way we experience it, and what we truly gain or give as a result. If you see your day as a mad rush of never ending commitments, you will experience anxiety and frustration. But, if you see time and opportunities as abundant, and moments as ever-expanding extraordinarily valuable,  just watch how your experience immediately improves.
There’s no present like the time. So, savor it, down to the moment. Then turn to the next, anticipating new opportunities to experience, connect and grow. This week, warp your time to elevate your adventure and impact. Stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Great lesson~ Looking forward to celebrating the FOURTH once again and warping time together!

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    A moment can last a life time. My russian puppeteer friend Igor Fokin,shared with me the Russian tradition of just sitting or standing for a few minutes and saying nothing
    before saying goodbye to a person that you don’t know when you will see them again. I was in a rush the next time i saw him and it was just saying goodbye at the entrance to the expressway in Boston. A few minutes later on the expressway realised that we had not done the russian tradition, and I was missing that we had not done it. And that was the last time I ever saw him until he was laid out in his casket, 2 weeks later. And on a happier note, just the other day remembering the last time I saw you Dan in Atlanta…we squeezed a day in to see you, from travelling from Canada back to Japan. And I have not been back to Atlanta since that day 19 years ago. But short time memories can last a lifetime.

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