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      Slow and Steady

      Is the fast way always the best way? Or could it be that by waiting for an easier way, you could be missing out on significant growth and success? This week, Dan will help you take charge today to create a more ideal view of your future.

    • Kurtz Tak says:

      Nice stump speech !
      In Idaho , our gym teacher used to have us spilt wood for fire wood he sold. Mom wasn’t too happy when she learned she bought wood I split in Gym. Ha…

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        “Stump speech.” Nice! I should’ve thought of that. Would be interesting to see that in schools today. “Come on over kids, and everyone pick up an axe…”

    • Chris says:

      This was awesome, and very timely. It reminded me I already have the tools I need for a specific issue I’ve been looking to others for guidance on, and I can get started right away. Thanks Dan!

    • Rayburn says:

      You hunky lumberjack, with the “Take it easy and slowly” rap! We’re missing the sweat-drenched, shirtless, shot where you pour water over your head in slow motion.

      But seriously, great points as always, my friend! Thank you. -Rayburn

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