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Small Adjustments Huge Rewards

We all have default settings with how we engage life. But what if you could make small adjustments to realize huge results?



What if you could make small changes to current thoughts or behaviors and realize incredible future results? This week we’re in Las Vegas, adjusting our settings.

We all have “default settings” for how we engage with life. We navigate our future based on experiences of our past and the choices that got us here. The problem is, many of those settings are defaults, rather than intentional decisions. So, the first step to growth is to realize  you already have settings.  And then, like a thermostat or other calibration tool, you decide to turn it up, just a little.

When you make intentional, small adjustments in certain areas, please honor your authority to make those changes. You are, after all,  captain of your ship. You are the one who runs your life and lives with the results for a lifetime. So, make these small, incremental adjustments, personal habits. New settings. You don’t have to make the same decision over and over again, because you’ve already made it.

So, what are some of your settings that may benefit from slight adjustments? Well, your tolerance levels for change, or for personal discomfort. The power of applying intentional focus. Your ability to ask for help. Your curiosity and commitment to learning. How much effort you are currently expending. Your expectations for excellence, and joy! The time value of small adjustments is absolutely enormous. If you are able to notice what your current levels are, and then, rather than accommodate them, adjust them, even slightly, to your benefit,  you can, over the course of a lifetime, create, experience, and attain incredible results!

So, please consider these suggestions, as each one could, over time,  transform your life! You don’t have to change everything in a big way. Change something, in a small way, permanently.

Until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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