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Some Things in Moderation

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When does “moderation” actually work against you? How can you use frustration to create personal freedom? This week’s video may entirely change the way you view your vices.



The secret to longevity and happiness… all things in moderation. Great advice, unless moderation is proving to be extremely difficult. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and keeping it real.
Moderation is really important, and yet, for me it’s not always possible. Some things, I just can’t take half way. Yet, I desire a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. So here’s my reality-based approach, which may work for you.
Seek to moderate in all things. Because excess anything eventually overwhelms.
But when this becomes increasingly hard – when will power leads to want power. Or won’t power. Then it causes internal conflict and massive frustration.
Staying in this place of failure to moderate even when you want to is really unhealthy. The inability to hold back on any food, activity, or technology causes anxiety and stress and can diminish your sense of self.
When I find it difficult or unenjoyable to moderate, I personally find it easier to flip the off switch entirely, choosing elimination.
I take that food or activity off the table entirely. Not necessarily forever, but for now. I stopped drinking 17 years ago, one day a time. I remove sweets from my diet for the first half of every year, and I’m currently on a year long journey of plant based eating. I’ve applied this approach to other frustrations, as well, and rather than feeling like I’m depriving myself, I find it actually leads to liberation.
Removing just one choice liberates you from obsession and makes available a wide array of other choices. And as an added bonus, you get to claim a very different sort of pleasure – the power that you feel every time you say, “Not that. How about this?”
Some things in moderation. Healthy choices with regularity. And some things are better left avoided, depending upon your nature and tendencies. So keep it real, and until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Linda Daily says:

    Very nice segment and so useful, full of wisdom.

  • Tak Kyrtz says:

    Funny story ,for 10 years I didn’t eat sugar, and just told people that i was allergic to it, often they would say ” i wish i was ” to which i woukd thin to myself… it’s easy just say you are allergic to it.

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