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Stages of Life

You are on stage every day, and moving from one stage to the next. This week’s video will help you recognize the significance of your current stage, and bring your best to the tests and opportunities.



What stage are you in? What stage are you on? And what are you bringing to the stage? This week we’re in Naples, FL.
When I was 12 years old, performing at Renaissance Festivals, my “stage” was defined by drawing a circle in the dirt. That’s it! And sometimes, during a show, a patron, or random child, would innocently wander through the performance space. On such occasions, I had a line ready to go. I would look at the person, look at the audience, and say, “Don’t worry. It’s just a stage they’re going through.”
Since then, I’ve performed on, literally, thousands of stages of all sizes. Big ones in front of huge audiences or, like today, in front of a dozen or so top leaders. But in truth,  you too have gone through countess stages of learning, growth, leadership, and life! Whether you know it or not, you’re on stage every day, and new stages most certainly await.
Many people miss the opportunity to enjoy or contribute to a current stage because they’re thinking about stages past or future. But look around. You are in the midst of a genuine performance opportunity right now. Are you bringing your best, or learning what’s being offered? Here are three keys to owning the stage you currently occupy.
1. Be present, not perfect. You don’t have to say the exact right thing or summon your most amazing skills. The pressure of “perfection” is both unrealistic and self defeating. Instead, be fully present. Be truthful. Be you in this moment, knowing that’s what’s required, and you are enough.
2. Capture snapshots. Sometimes we dismiss the present as ordinary and unimportant. You will come to think of these days as truly special. So, in the moment, capture details and joy, to bolster future memories.
3. Connect to others. Stages are to be shared. So, deepen relationships, elevate others, and connect to those characters you encounter.
So what stage are you on or in right now? Whether you’re thinking about a specific test, the arc of your lifetime, or the trajectory of your career, I promise you’ll excel and experience more when you prioritize presence, capture those snapshots, and connect to others. It’s not just a stage you’re going through. It’s a stage to enjoy, experience, and elevate. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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