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Starting Over

What do you do when you feel like you’re back at the beginning, or that your very foundation has been knocked out from under you? You’re starting over, and that’s not a bad thing. This 3 minute video delivers a five-step plan for a new beginning.






What do you do when you feel like you’re back at the beginning, or that your very foundation has been knocked out from under you, and you’re starting over? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Libertyville, IL.

This one’s personal.
I have two very close friends who, for very different reasons, have inspired this message. But it’s really for all of us who have been, or might be, at a crossroads.

Skills you once had down cold now seem like they’re impossible to reclaim.
Positive habits that once seemed so naturally yours feel out of your reach.
A devastating life event has caused you to question, well, just about everything.

You’re starting over. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a huge opportunity, if you approach it smart, from the start. Here are five-step plan for a new beginning.

1. Start where you are, not where you were.
It’s easy to think that your “best ever” should be your new normal. But all you have is now. So own it. Claim it. Then build upon it. Or, waste enormous time and energy obsessing about what was.

2. Pump up the Purpose.
The start, before the start, is about deciding what you’re starting. Where you’re going. And, most importantly why it even matters.

3. Skip old mistakes. Make new ones.
The benefit of a second start is that you have experience. You don’t have to make the same mistakes. And yet mistakes are how you learn, so get busy making some new ones, and learning from those.

4. Celebrate small.
Big goals are inspiring, but they take a while. Celebrate progress on the way to completion, or  you’ll run out of gas with your eyes fixed on a promising distant horizon.

5. Don’t stop.
There is a lot that is out of your control. But you control the most important part – what happens next. Call it quits, and it’s over. Stay down, and you’re still on the floor. Get up, and take one more more positive step forward. And now, you’re going somewhere.

Achievements and improvements don’t arrive on your doorstep, shipped Amazon Prime overnight. They’re out there, and you need to go get them. There is no finish, no growth, no breakthrough without a beginning. It probably won’t be pretty, and it doesn’t have to be. But it has to BE. So start over. Start better. Start right now.

Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Got it. Love it! Thanks.

  • Ray Martin says:

    Your messages are ALWAYS inspiring! I look forward to Tuesday mornings when I get to view a new message from you.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Rick schonberg says:

    Looking to make change in career as post retirement activity after 30 years with one company in my 60s

    Very helpful and makes perfect sense

    Thanks as always Dan


    This one spoke volumes to my current situation. Thanks for providing an action plan for moving forward.

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