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Stay Curious

There’s an enormous difference between confusion and curiosity. This week’s video will help you default to an inquisitive viewpoint to see possibilities and answers that otherwise remain hidden and inaccessible.



When certainty escapes you, and you’re anxious about the unknown, how do you stay positive and proactive? This week we’re curious in Carolina.
Truth is a measure of fact. Reality, however, is a matter of perspective. From two different vantage points, or through two different lenses, the same circumstances can look and feel remarkably different. And here’s the big point. The look and the feel, that is the vision and the emotion, enable very different possibilities.
From a pessimistic view, or a certainty of the undesirable, you have little choice and lousy options. You reinforce the negative and feel various versions of gloom and misery.
However, if you actively choose a different perspective, or lens through which to look, you may feel spontaneously better. Perhaps even remarkably better. Possibly even fantastic. Likewise, ideas, answers, and possibilities will begin to flow freely!
So the million dollar question and the key to your happiness —when you’re feeling low and un-resourceful, how do you switch perspectives? How can you swap lenses? And the answer is to stay curious. Expect the upside. Look for the miraculous good that is already happening.
Curiosity is aspirational, for sure. Something better is coming. It’s also interactive. Ask questions. Try other options. Talk to people who aren’t stuck in fear and anxiety.  Are the people and perspectives you’re currently trusting transforming your life for the better? If the answer is “no,” then you must become curious to discover other possibilities.
The first right answer is rarely the best answer. Stay curious, finding multiple right answers, until you find the one that MOST excites and helps you. And even once you choose a path, proceed with the wonder of a child and the curiosity of an artist or explorer. Until next week, stay curious and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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