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      Staying Flexible

      For the past five weeks, I’ve been keeping regular attendance at the Yoga Source Studio near my home and office. It’s funny, but I have driven by this place for years, thinking I really should go take a class. Though I had only had limited experience with yoga, each time I tried it I came away with the realization that it would be an awesome component to my practice regimen.

      As an I get older and continue to perform acrobatics, maintaining my fitness and overall flexibility is increasingly important. Flexibility, I am convinced, is one of the most important ingredients to injury prevention and recovery. I was also very interested in the benefits I would gain from getting better control and capacity of my breath. As a speaker, and especially a speaker who does back flips and handstand push ups, being able to manage my breathing is a rudimentary skill to enable me to deliver a powerful, persuasive flow of words.

      Already, after just a month on the mat (2-3 times a week) I am noticing a huge benefit. Plus, I really enjoy the “escape,” being able to devote an hour apart from the phone or in-box and simply listen to the quiet voice within. Would that be the within-box? I don’t know.

      In Off Balance On Purpose, I write a lot about the “lifelines” – the vital connections between the spheres of life. For me, the practice of yoga is strengthening the lifeline connections between Health–Spiritual Growth–Personal Interests. As I get to know other people in the class (and will also be bringing my wife, Sheilia, with me on Thursday), it will also be a way to strengthen some important and new Relationships.

      In what ways do you need to remain flexible? How are you preparing for it? If you read my writing, you probably get the idea that everything with me is a metaphor for something deep and meaningful in life. Guilty as charged. But it is certainly true that we need to stay flexible – in our thinking, our abilities, and our approach – if we are to have remain adaptable, successful, and happy.

      Take a deep breath. Relax. Lean forward. Stretch. Doesn’t that feel good?

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