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Stocks and Bonds

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I have an urgent message for you to read and absorb before you complete your work week and take off to enjoy the holidays. It’s all about your personal portfolio – the stocks and bonds which are absolutely critical for your long term prosperity, security, and joy.

Let’s face it. The value of stocks and bonds has been clobbered, sending many people into a spiraling funk as they gasp at their dwindling account balances. If you are experiencing a pain in your assets, a case of dividend desperation, or even a full blown episode of portfolio panic, then you need this information. Trust me.

Dan’s Sure Fire Stock Picks

Stock, as you probably know, is nothing more than an ownership position – a tiny piece of equity – an investment of resources which you secure, hold, and (hopefully) benefit from as it’s value appreciates. The ownership I am advocating, however, is the ownership of ideas that will sustain and uplift you.

In these turbulent economic times, I enthusiastically recommend that you increase your position when it comes to gratitude, love, and an expectation for a positive and hopeful future.

BUY – The idea that we are in a time of transition and the ultimate result will be a world that is wiser, more efficient, and more accountable for providing real value. Buy the notion that you are a part of this transition. Your thoughts, words, and actions matter. In fact, they are a critical part of the solution.

SELL – Negative assumptions, projections, and blame-based conversations. They serve no positive purpose and only agitate others and foster resentment and anger. Liquidate your holdings of fear. Check your balances – the balance of positive versus negative thoughts. When a negative notion enters your mind, ask yourself if it provides real value. If not (as is usually the case), let it go. Sell it immediately. Also, get rid of your need to have everything, and get back to the basics that help you build a positive future.

DONT SELL – Yourself short. Perhaps we should suspend “short selling” altogether! Don’t sell others short. Don’t lower your expectations or standards. Don’t compromise your beliefs or goals. Don’t short sell your heartfelt purpose, regardless of what naysayers and skeptics may say.

HOLD – The ones you love, even closer than before.

Taking Stock

Take stock in what truly matters in your life. This is, after all, the season of Thanksgiving. Take stock in what you have, what you treasure, and what you are able to give away to others.

Strengthening Bonds

Strengthen the bonds with family and friends, and partners. Have a conversation that goes beyond the typical “face work” of interaction and penetrates to a genuine, person-to-person connection. Listen, and learn things about the people in your life. We build stronger bonds by listening than we do by talking. 

Strengthen your bonds by being generous with your “stock,” or your supplies. Share what you have with those less fortunate. Because, even when you are low on stock, there are others who are out of stock. Take stock, and give.

I believe that strong bonds stem from bold and real connections. When you enter into a conversation, resist the temptation to steer toward fears, gossip, or other negative conversation topics. Rise above that easy choice and, instead, share kind comments, hopeful sentiments, and positive fuel for thought.

Into Action

Now, go stock up on laughter, bond with family and friends and have a prosperous and loving Thanksgiving holiday.


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