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Stop Stopping Yourself

Are you stopping yourself from making progress or seizing opportunities? This week’s video will help you understand why this happens, and how to release the brakes.



As we approach the New Year it’s a good time to ask, in what ways are you stopping yourself? And how could you better propel yourself forward?

First, let me validate your intentions. You are drawn to these coaching videos and other positive sources of influence because you desire growth. So that’s great. But desire isn’t enough. Moments go by quickly, and opportunities show up and multiply because of choices throughout your lifetime. And I don’t want you to miss out on discovering more of who you could be. Stopping yourself halts momentum by injecting hesitancy. Gaining ground, then getting scared.

It’s the instant pivot from “I’m getting it!” to “I’m faking it.” Also, regretting past choices, or projecting future failure.
When do you:
Stop yourself from trying?
Stop yourself from learning?
Stop yourself from giving?
Or, stop yourself from growing?

I think we often stop ourselves when we are in modes of “too much” or “too little.” For example: Too much pressure. All or nothing. Perfection or failure. Life doesn’t work that way. Get real, and scale back expectations. Earn incremental progress by owning inevitable mistakes.

Then there’s “to little?” I’m not enough to try. This isn’t important enough to care. What difference could it possibly make. Don’t buy it. Little things change everything, so make “little” your battleground for change.

So rather than “too much” or “too little,” realize you’re right where you are. And while thought and belief matter, results come from doing. So stop stopping yourself. Try. Learn. Give. Grow. And you’ll be Off Balance On Purpose.

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